A Delhi-based VC-funded brand specializing in the Ayurvedic range of holistic products decided they needed to revamp their visual brand identity to resonate with the modern Indian audience that shops online.

Tenovia collaborated with the Ayurveda brand and helped them build a positive brand image among Indian online shoppers.


The branding and packaging changeover of more than 200 products already launched on Marketplaces needed a complete change of images, pricing, and content across platforms. A strategic approach that would streamline the process without impacting sales and customer orders was the need of the hour. 


Tenovia approached the problem by undertaking a 360-analysis of the operational issues faced by the brand. We also collaborated with the stakeholders of marketplaces to ensure a smooth running of functions and quick resolution during the transition. 

With a deep understanding of the operational issues, we broke the problems into a smaller set of actionable activities and launched a process-flow chart that had to be followed by each stakeholder. Each unique product had a flow to maintain right from initializing the process to streamlining and finally completing it. This was replicated across all 200+ products, and the support of Marketplace managers helped in expediting the process.

An in-depth analysis of content and keywords was taken up that helped in revamping the overall content portfolio. We studied the performance of eCommerce keywords and incorporated them in the content strategy which included listings, enhanced content, and product design.


  • A complete branding and packaging changeover within a period of 2-months for more than 200 products across 3 categories – HPC, Beauty, and Grocery
  • The whole re-branding exercise was executed across Amazon, Flipkart, and Big Basket
  • 18% MOM sales growth of the online portfolio across the channels post-launch 
  • Smooth transition from old to new packaging leading to positive brand image and awareness among online shoppers

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