A Delhi-based VC-funded brand specializing in the Ayurvedic range of holistic products began advertising on Amazon with several ad solutions such as Display Ads, DSP, Sponsored brand Ads, etc. However, when Amazon launched video ads, the brand was keen to test this format and keep the shoppers engaged.

Tenovia partnered with the Ayurvedic brand and successfully implemented Sponsored Video Ads that increased awareness for the brand among Amazon shoppers.


Video ads on Facebook and Youtube did not yield any results for the Ayurveda brand. When Amazon launched Sponsored Video Ads, it seemed like an opportunity to target real shoppers of Amazon and engage them with product and brand information.


The key to success lies for any campaign that lies in understanding and measuring the past results. Hence the first phase of the campaign was to deep dive into the metrics. Tenovia did an in-depth analysis of the performance of video campaigns by the brand on Facebook & Youtube. We also analyzed the performance of Sponsored brand static ads to understand the overall success rate of image ads vs video ads. Metrics like CTR, CPC, Conversion Rate, and ACoS were analyzed.

The second phase involved conducting a test experiment. As the brand was still hesitant, we recommend launching the campaign by running videos of two top-selling categories, along with two average-selling categories. The results were remarkable and led to increased sales of the top-selling categories, furthermore generating awareness among new shoppers. Without further ado, we initiated the campaigns for all the categories of the brand.


SBV impact on the cost of advertising compared with SB

– 49% reduction in the cost of advertising on SBV campaigns

– 31% reduction in the Cost per Click

– CVR has improved by 47%

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