A leading Ayurveda brand was looking to leverage Flipkart’s Product Contextual Ads to generate awareness on the platform and entice customers to shop the products.

Tenovia partnered with the brand and successfully implemented Flipkart PCA that increased visually and explained the USP of each product resulting in higher conversions.


With millions of users transacting every month, Flipkart is an important platform for sellers to advertise and acquire new customers. To help the brand achieve its goals, Tenovia had to undertake a clutter-breaking strategy. This can only be achieved by understanding user behavior and delving deeper into the past performance of ad campaigns. Metrics such as conversion rates, product views, CTR, Ad spends as well as forecasted stock depth at regional fulfillment centers were analyzed.


In PCA, search campaigns are executed through open-ended keywords or with targeted keywords. However, open-ended Tenovia keywords do not yield any conversions. Therefore, we initiated the campaign by targeting specific keywords for the top-selling products of the brand. The ad communicated with the USP and showed up in searches. Through creative-based ads and a variety of offers in the headlines, we achieved the desired results.


Leveraging Keyword targeting to improve the ROI

– 5x improvement in the ROI

– 450% increase in the conversion rate

– 69% decrease in cost per acquisition

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