Email and SMS Marketing

Email and SMS marketing

Sending regular communication to your subscriber base is a great way to keep in touch with the customer and keep them engaged. Tenovia is associated with best in the business marketing platforms such as MailChimp which ensure communicating with people that matter to you is easy . We run content rich, customised and responsive email marketing campaigns that ensure subscribers are not just happy with the communication they receive, but they act on it!

  • Structured campaigns that are timed and focused

    We create and follow your SMS and Email calendars for the whole duration of the campaign, whether it is monthly , weekly or daily. Our analytics also helps us identifying new target groups or existing customer bases, so that new and old subscribers don’t miss out on any communication.

  • Content and Delivery

    Whether it is an email focused on your brand’s latest product lines or an SMS that informs a customer about a promotion running on the website. Our content and marketing teams ensure that the brand language does not get lost in translation. Our “One Brand.One Language” rule applies on every platform we deliver on.

  • Custom content for different types of emailers

    Certain types of mailers are crucial to run a successful campaign. We know how important onboarding emails are. We also know the value of sending out the right kind of abandoned cart emails to your customer. What about transaction emails? We at Tenovia, are equipped to handle all kinds with the same focus.

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