Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

We offer Search Engine Optimization(SEO) as a stand alone service as well as part of the search engine marketing service suite. The reason for doing this is our understanding of the value of an end to end SEO experience for brand visibility and ranking on search engines like Google.
SEO has expanded from realms of the search engine tab on your desktop to the ever expanding mobile, social media and blog realm. Tenovia ensures your content is optimised and pages get ranked by search engines better, fitting unhindered into your entire brand approach online.

  • Understanding your audience and the evolution of search engines

    We ensure your basics are right on target: whether it is finding your target demographics, search trends, competitors search analysis etc.,We have all bases covered to make sure your SEO strategy is iron clad.At Tenovia, we also know that search friendliness does not only cover your website but also your mobile presence, your blogs, your social media presence and other related platforms.

  • Keywords~ ROI

    A key element of any successful SEO strategy are keywords. Our SEO team ensures that you get precise and relevant keywords that will Google rank you better. Whether it is using intent or long tail keywords or short precise keywords which get you more hits, we identify what your target market is typing into their keyboards, and translate that to your brand conversions, ROI and profitability.

  • Quality Content, link-building and the social media connect

    “Content is king”, an old but gold adage in the SEO context. Relevant, clear, and easy to navigate web pages are easier to crawl and better ranked by search engines. Our SEO team will also contribute to getting more relevant back links planted so that your site has a stamp of legitimacy. We understand that Social Media is slowly becoming a pivot for re-directing potential customers back to your website. Our personalized SEO services approach to all these sources work for the common good: making your website rank better among competition.

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