Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

We harness the true power of social media to apply our seamless advertising expertise to the best social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.
Our paid social campaigns not only bolster your brand visibility but also complement your PPC campaigns running on search engines to give your brand a well rounded customer engagement model.
Whether it is harnessing the power of Facebook and Instagram to understand large audiences or target specific audience groups usings highly visual and engaging ad copy, Tenovia will give you access to our data driven approach and audience relevant strategies to ensure you know how your budget is working for you.

  • Audience Measurement and Forecasting

    Your product and brand presence determines the size of your audience. We use metrics and audience measurement to get you not just the right audience volumes but also the right audience types. Social media marketing also allow us to use data driven understanding of what your audience size might be now, 2 weeks from now or 6 months into the campaign.

  • Ad creation, ongoing monitoring and optimisation

    Social Media is the best place to try out new and creative content and design approaches. We have an inhouse creative team that can help you portray your brand language in your advertising campaigns as well. And since Social Media is very responsive, we understand it requires constant monitoring and reactiveness. We have adapted to this responsiveness and will provide you with regular updates on your campaign performance.

  • Re-engagement, measurement and reporting

    Non-Intrusive re-engagement is very important to keep the user interaction going and we ensure that happens for new users and your existing customer base. Our tracking ensures viable number crunching happens across all active channels. This in turn makes you aware of how interaction occurs for your brand throughout the purchase cycle. Tenovia also believes in transparency when it comes to reporting. Which means iteration and reiteration on the campaign occurs with you in the loop for every step.

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