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Going to market is a daunting task for any new brand. You might have an established offline presence but do not sell online yet. You might be an established brand going through a rebranding transition. Or you might just be a neighborhood store with big ambitions

Tenovia understands this mobile first trend and has the expertise in taking you the marketplace or bringing the marketplace to you. Our comprehensive service line up starts at initial discussions with the best marketplace platforms to suggesting the best-selling products to go on your company page on the ecommerce consulting firm. So whether a shopper is on his PC, mobile or a tablet, we focus on revenue streams.

We have been in the business for more than a decade and have worked with all client sizes. We will tie our business success to yours and ensure our entire service suite and alliances are at your disposal to ensure the best results .

  • Scope and Forecast

    Predicting the future can be left to the soothsayers. We use tangible data forecasts and detail a scope study specific to your brand’s product/service. A detailed roadmap with specific business goals will be at your disposal to chart your progress. Not just this, our resources are available to you from day 1, from inception to execution of the project.

  • 360 Degree assistance

    Market trends, competition, marketplace associations, logistics, payment processing are all integral parts of making your brand journey successful. With our decade old associations with vendors from the payments, shipping, and ERP platforms, we guarantee access to their field expertise at a moment’s notice.

  • Backed up by Industry Leaders

    When you choose Tenovia, you don’t just get access to our expertise, you get access to tried and tested solutions to your eCommerce consulting services journey validated by industry heavyweights like Google, Facebook, Magento, Shopify etc., all of whom are partnered with Tenovia for obvious reasons.

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